Car accidents are responsible for the highest number of fatalities in the U.S. for people between the ages 6-27.  Careless actions from negligent drivers account for many personal injury car accidents.  Car accidents injure passengers and pedestrians leading to the death of 41,345 people and 4,695 pedestrians every year.  A car accident is the most common personal injury claim.  The injuries that a car accident can cause vary in severity depending on the vehicle, speed of the collision, and other contributing factors.

Following a car accident you should stop the car and call the police.  Regardless of how severe the car accident is it can help avoid legal problems.  You should obtain every single phone number and addresses of any passengers and witnesses involved in the car accident.  Taking note of any circumstance that contributed to the car accident is advised because car accidents are sometimes hard to figure out who is at fault.  Your insurance company should be notified because car accidents often involve both insurance matters and personal injury.

Nothing should be discussed or signed after a car accident because if a car accident attorney is involved they can help with the investigation to determine who is liable.  Car accident liability differs from state to state.  In one single year there were 6,289,000 car accidents reported.  The damages recoverable from a car accident include, vehicle and personal property inside, physical and emotional injuries, including many different aspects.  Your car accident attorney can help with car accident claims involving property damage, medical bills, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering.

Auto Accident Lawyer

The leading cause of death for people ages 6-27 is due to auto accidents.  In one year there were around 6,289,000 reported auto accident in the U.S., with 41,345 ending in fatalities as the direct result of the auto accident.  Auto accidents are responsible for killing around 4,695 pedestrians every year.

Auto accidents are sometimes difficult to figure out who is at fault.  Some cases of auto accident are caused by careless actions of others.  Liability laws differ from state to state with auto accidents.  An auto accident can involve both insurance matters and personal injury.  An auto accident attorney can be helpful in proving personal injury liability in cases of auto accidents that you feel may be the direct cause of someone else’s negligence.

Directly after an auto accident has occurred it is important to collect as much information you can.  This auto accident information includes all the names and addresses of anyone involved with the auto accident, the vehicle information and telephone numbers, insurance information, any damage to the automobile, and any information regarding how the accident occurred and what factors may have been involved in causing the accident.  A police report will most likely be filled out after an auto accident, usually if there is an injury, as in the case of a personal injury auto accident.

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